We all get given a life...

... but it doesn't come with a manual. When you think about it, it's a miracle that we achieve as much as we do. Still, do you find yourself thinking 'Is this it? Is there more to it than this?' You do? Then read on.

Why I got a Life Coach.

Life Coach Training
I can still remember the first time I heard about Life Coaches. A friend of mine mentioned in passing that she was training to become one. I nodded, and we carried on talking. I hadn't really understood what she had meant by 'Life Coach' and think that I was too embarassed to ask. So we talked about this and that, and eventually I just had to ask her. A what? You're training to be a Life Coach? What's that? She was only too happy to tell me all about it, which was great of her really.

As she spoke about it, I realised that it was something that I had never thought of before. The idea really gripped me - people really did hire other people to help them sort out aspects of their lives. It was the kind of thing I had only seen happen in films, and it seemed so obvious that people would want this sort of service - I just didn't know anybody that did it. As she continued to speak, a whole new world opened up for me, and I knew there andthen that Life Coaching would become part of my future.